Please click here to learn how. In Series 9, Mimi forces Billy to have an open relationship because she is worried she is to old for him. When Jimmy blew into town, he landed right into Fiona's bed. Saul Blanco is the youngest son of Kassi (Jalaal Hartley) and Esther Blanco (Isy Suttie). He has one niece, Katie Maguire and through Fiona a nephew. While Derilee and Baxter solve their differences, Frank and Monica have sex, resulting in Monica falling pregnant with twins. Michelle runs a male escort agency, and leaves her card in Jamie's pocket, along with some money. After being single in the last installment, spoilers predict that Fiona is ready to fall in love again. In the same series, she is shown attending anger management classes. When he realises that he cannot leave his family and business, Paddy puts a stop[clarification needed] to his plans, and shares one last dance with D'reen before she leaves. Shameless mainly centers on the very dysfunctional but somewhat relatable Gallagher clan. Debbie's feelings of closeness to Frank often leave her the most vulnerable to being let down by him. He and his family are also drug dealers on the Chatsworth estate. Throughout the series, Liam is practically raised by his older sisters, Fiona (Anne-Marie Duff) and Debbie (Rebecca Ryan), as his father Frank (David Threlfall) is lazy and mother Monica (Annabelle Apsion) inept- when she is around. Thanks,” he coldly remarks as she’s practically through the door. To only Fiona’s surprise, he gives his automatic blessing: “Go as far away as you can and don’t ever look back.”, We don’t know how far Fiona ends up going (“Somewhere nearer the equator — I’m sick of winters” is her best guess), but we do watch her look back just once. Jackson is a trainee teacher (who later becomes a fully qualified teacher) who is seen to be stubborn, defiant and law-abiding, and has a superficial view on the residents of Chatsworth but after he's caught committing fraud and getting kicked out of his home he begins to see how hard the residents really have and his output towards them changes drastically. Liam now attends a prestigious senior school. When he begins going to anger management meetings, Karen repeatedly tries to taunt him, throwing cereal around his shop and offering to resume their fling, but he refuses. Steve is from a family of doctors, referring to them as "the medical equivalent of a battery farm". Unfortunately this proves to be the one bright spot for Carl around this time. Already a subscriber? Liam defends Reggie, but when Reggie, knowing that he was close to death, desperately hugs him and doesn't want to let go. He also has two children with Sheila Jackson (Maggie O'Neill), Nigel and Delia, and is the father of Monica's half-sister, whom he fathered with Monica's mother at Monica's birthday party. It is likely that she is from Newcastle upon Tyne. She is somewhat resentful of Frank, calling him a "selfish little shit". For nine seasons we got to see Fiona Gallagher make some extremely questionable life choices. Debbie tried to warn Frank of the situation and the expected visit from the school, but to no avail. Frank's oldest daughter, Fiona McBride (Anne-Marie Duff), returns to Chatsworth with Carl and Lip. After Paddy's departure, Mimi gives birth to her eighth child, Cilla. Carl was briefly taken into custody, and gave a statement that the marijuana was grown for the household's own personal use. Through series 6 and early series 7, Carl pursues and begins a relationship with auxiliary nurse Maxine. As she continues to help clear Carl's name, Ian bitterly accuses her of caring more about Carl than she does him. He tries to plead with Lip on not letting Fiona go with her choice of taking the kids Stella and Ben, since he was closest to Frank. She is also Fiona Gallagher's (Anne-Marie Duff) best friend. The son of Frank (David Threlfall) and Monica Gallagher (Annabelle Apsion), his brothers are Lip (Jody Latham) and Liam (Johnny Bennett); his sisters are Fiona (Anne-Marie Duff), Debbie (Rebecca Ryan) and Stella (Nikita Brownlee); his half-brothers are Ian (Gerard Kearns) and Nigel; and his half-sister is Delia. Donny Maguire is the son of Paddy (Sean Gilder) and Mimi Maguire (Tina Malone). In spite of the remaining tensions, Ian and Maxine become a couple. But after a tip was given to the police about Mandy Maguire (Samantha Siddall) selling weed, her mother Mimi Maguire (Tina Malone) suspected that Carl betrayed them and sent her sons, Donny (Clyve Bonelle) and Shane Maguire (Nicky Evans), after him. She describes herself as a "bulimic who can't stand vomit". When he is rendered completely sober by a new drug, Frank appears reflective and even quite intelligent, wondering why Sheila would add to her problems by marrying a mess like him. As of the fourth series, Lillian has become more involved in the dramas around Chatsworth, even featuring in some of them herself, she serves as the comic relief of the show appearing in many after-credit snippets.

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