The prospectors were hoping the area would become a success, like Leadville.

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Most of Crystal’s other mines had to shut down. They dammed the Crystal River near the opening of the tunnel. Department of Agriculture. The population stayed between 200 and 400 until 1893.

With some twenty cabins, Crystal City incorporated in 1881. In 1874, geologist Sylvester Richardson discovered promising deposits of silver near the confluence of the North Fork and South Fork of the Crystal River in Gunnison County. In the spring of 1880, a group of these prospectors set up a camp along the river several miles east of present-day Marble. The town of Crystal is 0.2 of a mile beyond the mill. In fact that same year, the historic Crystal Mill was built by George C. Eaton and B.S Phillips. A local movement protesting systemic racism and oppression in America marched into its third weekend in Aspen on Saturday. Eventually, ownership was transferred to one of Gould's daughters, Dorothy Tidwell of Treasure Mountain Ranch, Inc. Built in 1892, the Crystal Mill is a log-and-frame structure atop a rocky outcrop along the Crystal River in northwest Gunnison County. Photo courtesy of Marble Lodge & Cabins ©.

Saloons, two general stores, a pool hall, a stage line, and two social clubs also opened. It also had a privy and an attendant’s quarters. This system was so efficient that soon after, a stamp mill was built to crush and concentrate the silver ore for shipping. Other mines were closing and the town was hard to get to. Some of the most important were the Lead King, Black Queen, and Sheep Mountain Tunnel mines. However, the Crystal Mill has been a multi-year event for SGM. They named their camp Crystal City after seeing outcroppings of quartz crystals nearby.

You have to travel a very rough County Road or get there by guided Jeep tours.

In the early 1880s, after the Ute people were removed from western Colorado, silver prospectors began settling the Crystal River valley, hoping to replicate the success of places like Leadville. What You’ll Discover In These 13 Deserted Colorado Towns Is Truly Grim. Repairs and maintenance were done on the Mill’s main structure, the gearhouse, and the penstock this year, among other items.Hutson said that several projects have been completed over the last several years. Today, you can get to the mill from Marble. It is one of the most iconic images of Colorado. That changed in 1883, with the completion of a wagon road from the mining camp of Schofield to the south. Aspen Skiing Co. remains committed to allowing uphill access to the slopes, but some policy changes will be implemented. Many publications refer to Crystal as a ghost town, but in reality, the authentic mining-era buildings house a handful of friendly summer residents and a small general store, which is sometimes open and has a small selection of snacks, drinks, and local mineral specimens.

A wagon road was completed from the mining camp of Schofield to the south. This year, most of the volunteer team from SGM came out of the Glenwood office to assist Hutson. Copyright © 2020 Crested Butte News, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Many decades ago, when the mill was still in use, it was called the Sheep Mountain Power House[2] at the Lost Horse Millsite, or simply the Lost Horse Mill. Crystal, CO. United States. [2][3][7], In 1938, after many years of Crystal having been abandoned, Emmet Shaw Gould of Aspen, CO traveled to Crystal searching for ore to run through a recently purchased mill. The mill shut down along with the mines in 1917. ** • Free Meals • Free Uniforms • Flexible…, Sales Associate and Cashier Positions Contemporary and luxury men's and women's fashions Premier Ski Pass and Health Insurance Excellent Pay…, Sales Associate Full and part time shifts available at various locations. If you don't follow the rules, your comment may be deleted. ** SHIFT MANAGERS *$16.00 HR. That changed in 1883. A waterwheel powered an air compressor that pushed air through pipes to air-powered rock drills in the mine. [9] The average annual rainfall in inches is 10.63, while yearly annual snowfall in inches is 45. [12], Crystal mill (foreground) and town (behind), 1890s, The Crystal Mill, among the Elk Mountains in 2016. Seven working silver mines kept Crystal going, and by 1886, about four hundred people …

[2] It fell into disuse in 1917 when the Sheep Mountain Mine closed. Dogs are also able to … In 1886 a post office opened in the town, and with it, saloons, two general stores, a pool hall, a stage line, and two social clubs—one for mining men and another for ski enthusiasts.

One club was for mining men and another for ski enthusiasts. Undoubtedly, Crystal’s pristine mountain splendor and beauty are what have always drawn people to the area. The Crystal Mill, a beautiful relic of Colorado’s colorful mining past, has stood crazily on a rock outcrop above the Crystal River in the Elk mountains since 1893. “Last year’s project included coating the entire structure with a UV resistant wood preservative and the clearing of trees near the mill, which created a passive defensible fire space,” he said. About 15 years ago, the owners had asked Hutson to become its caretaker.“The Mill is owned by Treasure Mountain Ranch (TMR), a family owned business. But after withstanding more than a century of harsh winters in a rugged, remote setting near the ghost town of Crystal, its days may be numbered. If the Crystal Mill Foundation is able to purchase the structure from the current owners, Leigh says it will ensure the Mill’s long-term protection. The US Forest Service warns that the road to the mill from Crested Butte is dangerous and should only be driven by highly experienced four-wheel drivers. In 1886 a post office opened in the town. The view looking north toward Lead King Basin, Sheep Mountain on the left. This year’s work included sealing up the mill to prevent unauthorized entry, removing some additional trees adjacent to the building, and rip-rapping the concrete base of the penstock.”This year the cost of materials came in at only about $100. The penstock is very heavy and old,” Hutson explained. [5] At its height of prosperity in the mid-1880s, Crystal had over 500 residents, a post office, a newspaper (the Crystal River Current which was later replaced by The Silver Lance), a pool hall, the Crystal Club (a popular and exclusive men's club), a barber shop, saloons, and hotels. Oscar McCollum, “The Crystal Mill,” US Forest Service, 1996. In addition to Sheep Mountain, the powerhouse served the nearby Inez and Bear Mountain mines, and later on, a dynamo was installed to power electric lights in the mines. Although called a Watermill, it is more correctly denoted as a compressor station, which used a water turbine to drive an air compressor, and was originally built with a horizontal wheel. In the spring of 1880, a group of these prospectors set up a camp along the river. Much of the road is a rocky shelf road, suitable for four-wheel drive only. Apply at…, Restaurant Manager (Aspen, CO) Restaurant Manager Wanted, Position Available Immediately, High Volume Restaurant with Opportunities for Growth. [2][3], In 1874, geologist Sylvester Richardson discovered promising deposits of silver near the confluence of the North Fork and South Fork of the Crystal River in Gunnison County. And like so many buildings from a century ago, it is deteriorating. Crystal of the 1880s resembled most other successful mining towns in Colorado.

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