If the drive is noisy anytime there is a disk in the drive this is the issue. A flaw in the disc could prevent the console from reading it. Its normal. @whyisthisanem. After following them, the Wii is running whisper quiet again.

As soon as I put a disc in, I’d get the error above – even if I didn’t start start the game. Is it sad that the only Paper Mario game I've played is Super Paper Mario?

If its still under warranty call nintendo, might just cost u shipping. I've purchased a new diode as well so I hope that we can come to our own conclusion once my part arrives. @mastermicawh. It's a smooth whirring paired with clicks at an interval of aproximately .8seconds, right?

Bending these small triangles down created a gap that stopped the vibration & the noise and made the Wii playable again. nintendo wii? Is there a way to connect 2 sensor bars to a wii. I have no plan to use discs personally, but this Wii is one of a couple that I bought with the intention to resell. 03/25/2017 by

They all make a clicking noise it is just reading the disc. Something witty about computers and being a grownup. This kit supports the same options and yields the same results, in a smaller form factor. Buyers sometimes have a habit of not fully reading the description before buying something so I try not to sell defective items when I can help it. Norėdami leisti „Verizon Media“ ir mūsų partneriams tvarkyti jūsų asmens duomenis, pasirinkite „Sutinku“ arba pasirinkite „Tvarkyti nuostatas“, jei norite gauti daugiau informacijos ir valdyti savo pasirinkimus.

If size matters, then this is... Silicon Power's latest power bank lets you charge your phone in style for a fair price. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY.

My wii makes a grinding noise when I put the disk into the system.

It turns out they just replaced the disc drive (that's a given).

Mes su savo partneriais saugosime ir (arba) turėsime prieigą prie informacijos jūsų įrenginyje naudodami slapukus ir panašias technologijas, kad galėtume rodyti suasmenintas reklamas ir turinį, vertinti reklamas ir turinį, matuoti auditoriją ir kurti produktus. Speed comparison: Optimum Boost vs Verizon FiOS, 2010 Hyundai Sonata review – 10 years later. Albert Einstein. 12/28/2018 by The guy saying that stuff doesn't know what he is talking about. i think its a laser issue. oldturkey03, yes that it your disk drive what you need to do is turn back all 4 screws about a half a turn. The lens is just reading the game. Hold the bottom side of the disc to the light to see any smudges or scratches. Mormonville, Utah XBL GamerTag: sheise PSNID: s, (You must log in or sign up to post here.).

I just bought a new drive casing/laser from VCG Repairs for 45 bucks and it fixed the issue.

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