Aside from music and acting, Rain has also made his net worth from endorsement deals, earning an income of $1- $1.5 million per deal. What makes her different from the other members is her influence in Thailand. Jin comes from a rich family as his father is the CEO of a major Korean company and his mother is a former Miss Korea. In addition, Jennie has also done solo work and released her debut studio album Solo in 2018 and it reached #2 in Korea. Will another BTS member break Suga’s record? Its popularity was aided by its charming video, which became the first video in YouTube history to reach more than 1 billion views. She has her own fashion line called “Dara Park Seduction”. In fact, before she was a singer, she was a model and filmed many commercials. These dramas include Triangle, Protect the Boss, Dr. Jin, and Manhole to name a few. She also became YG Entertainment’s public relations director. In addition to owning a luxury apartment and luxury car collection, the K-pop star also owns businesses that help increase his wealth. She was also in a Hollywood movie called Make Your Move 3D.

V is a singer, producer, songwriter, actor, and dancer for BTS.

lol. In acting, Sandara Park has made more than 25 appearances in movies and TV shows, through which she has achieved her incredible net worth.

Taeyeon is very active on social media and produces a lot of content for her channels. He should have 22 Million net worth not 8! Add $1M that was stolen by her manager. BLACKPINK Jennie Stuns In New Photos Taken By Lisa, Kang Daniel Showed Off His Big Smile While Talking About His Mom On ‘My Ugly Duckling’, ASTRO Releases ‘BLUE FLAME’ Poster For Their Comeback, Knetizens In Awe For BLACKPINK’s Jennie New Adorable Selfies, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo To Star In The Upcoming Drama ‘Snowdrop’, GOT7’s Mark Wows With His Model Skills On The Cover Of Lined Magazine, NCT’s Doyoung To Make His Acting Debut In Upcoming Drama ‘The Curious Stalker’, GOT7’s Mark Mesmerizes With His Handsomeness In The Video Of His Latest Photoshoot With Lined Magazine, GOT7’s BamBam Celebrates Halloween With A ‘Spooky’ Selfie, SM Entertainment Introduces The Virtual Concept Of Aespa Girl Group, GOT7 ‘You Calling My Name’ MV Reached 80 Million Views On Youtube. DARA has even launched her own brand of Vodka and has a top-selling perfume called “With Love from Dara”. And among the names mentioned, think of the members holding a black card… Only a few owns it even before their debut . Please send us links so we can continue to provide the most up to date information. His music revenue mainly comes from his copyrights, Spotify, and YouTube advertisement revenue.

some idol has been excluded and some idols net worth is not correct. Release to, © 2020 Seoulz. Kim’s acting, directing career is no less a success. He is a member of Big Bang and has written and composed many of their hit songs such as Haru Haru. G-Dragon is one of the few holders of the Black Honda Card. PSY has done endorsements for brands like Sonic Drive-in, Wonderful Pistachios, and Haute couture just to name a few. …

Check theirs too, I mean why not? She has been able to have a successful acting career is Korean dramas such as One More Happy Ending and Missing Korea. BAMBAM too should be here. It premiered on his YouTube Channel which has over 940,000 subscribers. Just for more information aside from GD, Lisa also has big influence in China. chenle? She has over 30.3 million followers on Instagram.

Furthermore, she has over 14.7 million followers on Instagram. 10 m for Lisa lol Are you kidding me?Only on her instagram she gained 214,000 US dollars per sponsored post and 2020 alone she have 27 post with sponsored… which mean she already have 5,778,000 US dollars… not included others endorsements such as Vivo in China , beverage in China, Biggest game company in China, Mentor for Youth with you(rumors she gained USD 223,000 per one episode and ywy have 12 episodes…) , Downey ad in China(leaked information from thai companies who use to work with Yg and Lisa for presenter brand she gained “at least” USD 640,000 per each but for AIS brand she gained around USD1,400,000 but this is old information from 2018 now it’s probably increased… ) and also percents from pre-orders full albums which is 800,000 pre-orders in only 6 days and many more not announce yet…after all of this still didn’t include income from theirs YouTube which have 47.4m subscribers and only HYLT alone they gained USD 877,000-3,700,000 and her personal YouTube account Lilifilm with 3.91 m subscribers (USD 996,000 annually.) He has gone on to have a successful solo career and released three solo albums. It is estimated Gangnam style generated $20 million from YouTube and streaming services. Dara went to school in the Philippines. T.O.P purchased a whole grape villa in Argentina. Until we get more information, we have to go with the person most are saying which is Suho. He comes from a wealthy Chinese family. Her album Good Day was one of the most successful albums of all time. Yoona bought a building of arnd $10 million in 2019, also had previously bought 2 apartments in gangnam district valued both at around $6 million, she also who has a village private house valued at arnd $4 million, Yoona who also donates millions of dollars every year to help children and people with low economic resources or health problems. She has done over 20 commercials for K-Beauty brands such as Innisfree and was the first overseas endorser of Alcon Taiwan. He is a member of Super Junior which had many #1 albums in Korea from 2007 to 2017. Nikon even named a camera after her.

He also owns the March Rabbit complex in Cheongdam which is estimated to be worth over $9 million. It is very difficult to estimate how much BTS makes because no one knows how much they get from the BTS Merch sold. She has over 26.1 million followers. This is something no other Korean soloist has managed before. Yesung – 2.5B In all, G-Dragon has over 180 songs copyrighted under his name. You gotta be kidding me, Jimin and J-Hope have donated as well it’s just Jimin’s isn’t here. Rain is a singer, songwriter, dancer, music producer, and actor. His real name is Dong Young-bae, but you are more likely to know him as Taeyang. After being a mentor she also has 2 endorsement with P&G (Downy) and one of largest China dairy product. Yoona also acts and appeared in a Chinese drama called God of War, Zhao Yun, and got over $2.5 million for the role. He has been writing on various subjects that include finance, economics, celebrity net worth, lifestyle, biographies and politics for over 7 years, Other than writing, he enjoys movies, video games, and sports. A decision to pursue a music career from the age of 6 led him to become a member of the South Korean boy band, Big Bang, which has two of the richest K-Pop idols on this list. Lee started off with the Fin.K.L girl group as its vocal leader and her efforts contribute to the group’s sale of over 2 million albums. In addition, he has also earned endorsements from high profile brands like Puma, Coca Cola, and Hyundai Motors.

Some of them include his Cafe J Holic located in Myeongdong, Coffee Cojjee in the Samsung-dong region, KAVE MALL in Shibuya, Japan, a Japanese restaurant, Bum’s Story in Gangnam and his very own fashion brand MOLDIR. I also wonder why Jessica Jung is not included in there when her net worth is actually $16 million. Some of his brand partnerships over the years include Pizza Hut, Hyundai, and Pepsi. Who are the richest K-pop Idols with the highest net worth? Currently, he has, She has created the IU scholarship at her former high school and has donated over $88,000 to the, T.O.P has done many TV commercials and it is estimated his price is at least $500,000 for a six-month endorsement deal or $1 million for a year-long endorsement deal.

He also produces and writes music for himself and other artists which adds to his income. In 2012 alone, he was able to make over $28 million thanks to his hit single. They would perform songs both in … He has covered the startup, tech & blockchain scene for over 7 years and has written over 700 articles regarding the Korean startup ecosystem. He has over 30 song credits and owns a house that is worth around $3.5 million. His first video shows a preview of what is to come on his channel. Jin is one of the lead vocalists for BTS. Most of Blackpink’s money comes from ads and product placements and touring and maybe merch. His endorsement deals are an average of around $2 million. She has over 26.1 million followers. In addition, Siwon played lead roles on Korean dramas such as Oh!

Yes, great suggestion. In 2013, he purchased a 2,500 square foot apartment in the Galleria Foret complex for $3 million. Lisa was born in Bangkok, Thailand. She has three cars, a Mercedes Benz SLK 55 AMG, Porsche Boxster, and a BMW M4. Jay Park estimated Net Worth: $15 Million. Jennie estimated Net Worth:  $8-9 Million. Lee Hyori is no doubt one of the most popular and successful female K-Pop Stars we could think of. Some of her friends calls her “the silent millionaire “ Sandara has taken her money and invested it sell in smart stock investments, real estate, and restaurants. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so, everyone... American rapper, Nelly, may not be one of the biggest names in the music industry anymore but back in the 2000s, he basically ruled... Popular for his eccentric delivery and unconventional fashion sense, Young Thug is an Atlanta-born rapper highly regarded as one of the most influential rap... Rod Stewart may be one of the greatest rock and roll singers of all time but it wasn’t easy achieving that status. She also hosted a fashion show called Get It Beauty and is considered a fashion icon. IU is known for composing and producing her own songs and has gone on to have great success modeling and acting. Excuse me, may i asked the author who wrote this article, i know they already corrected siwon’s info about the “former member”, what want aske, did you guys have valid data/information about his “real net worth” bcoz his net worth in this list is the same since 2016? She has recorded many songs for movies, TV dramas, and commercials. A few things to keep in mind. The SM Entertainment CEO, Lee Soo-man, revealed his plans to debut a new boy band in 2011, and later, he said that the group would be divided, as it would be parted among to sub-groups. Jacksepticeye Net Worth – How Much Money the YouTuber Makes Online.

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