Just sit back and let Mother Nature carry us toward her own. 35 entries are tagged with yogi bear jokes. Cindy Bear: Oh, Yogi. Has it ever worked?”, “He’s turning this park into a boot camp, with me getting the boot.”, “I’m losing control, Boo-Boo. Nothing, nothing, nothing. Yogi Bear is a cartoon character first making his appearance in 1958 as a supporting character in the Huckleberry Hound Show. And because you’re such a good kid, here’s another nothing, for nothing. Yogi Bear: Down the hatch, but natch. They say Yogi Berra is funny. Yogi Bear: What’s not to like about Robin Hood? This arguing is becoming unbearable. I’m headed back to Jellystone. I agree, sir. Take, take, take. But nope: you’re different, you’re SMART, and you have to spend your days being selfish and destructive while everyone else pays the price! Yogi Bear: [deliberately reading incorrectly] Uh, “No Smoking In The Forest”? Here is a look at some of the most notable Yogi Bear sayings ever recorded. Before you realize this truth, say the Yogis, you will always be in despair, a notion nicely expressed in this exasperated line from the Greek stoic philosopher Epictetus: ‘You bear God within you, poor wretch, and know it not. Cindy Bear: It’s the time for whispering sweet nothings in one’s ear. Here is a look at some of the most notable Yogi Bear sayings ever recorded. What’s funny about that? Take, take, take, take, take, take, take. Stay here, Friar Boo-Boo.”, “What’s this? Boo Boo, you’ve tried to stop my brilliant ideas with common sense a thousand times. It’s too complicated. It was a super callous fragile mystic down with halitosis. I want to write I miss you on a rock Then throw it at your face to show you how much it hurts to miss you- Love boo boo Easily identifiable as a Brown Bear, Yogi was created by Joseph Barbera and William Hanna. “Bears are supposed to avoid people, not run around stealing their food!”, “Boo Boo, you’ve tried to stop my brilliant ideas with common sense a thousand times. Boo-Boo Bear: What are you going to do with it, Yogi? As another famous bear once said, what are you doing in my bed? Yogi Bear: A goodly bunch having lunch. Boo Boo: I have problems with potato salad. Ladies, he says, I will accede to your request. So tell me Yogi, how smart are you now? Yogi Bear: Now that I can oblige. Yogi Bear: Down the hatch, but natch. Do you want to entertain your child who is the biggest fan of Yogi Bear cartoon? Ranger Smith: Then I can plug that into the video camera right up there. Yankees legend Yogi Berra passed away in 2015, but on Opening Day, we can’t help but think of the great catcher and manager. Yogi Bear: Nothing. I just need a way to distract the guards. A talking pic-i-nic basket. Ranger Smith: You know I’m the only other ranger here, right? Trees grow inside in the winter?”, Here is a great video of Yogi bear titled, ‘Trying to Escape Jellystone Park.’, send our content editing team a message here, 40 Ways to Say Thank You for Your Time and Effort, 40 Kind Ways to Say Thank You for Your Advice, The 50 Most Asked School Counselor Interview Questions with Answers, 40 Thank You for the Recognition Messages (via Email or Note), 50 Ways to Say Thank You for Thanksgiving Dinner, 40 Ways to Say Thank You for the Information (via Email), 40 Thank You Messages from a Teacher to a Student, The 50 Most Asked Chipotle Interview Questions with Answers, 40 Meaningful Thank You Notes to Give Your Mentor, 33 Best General Labor Resume Objective Statement Examples. How ’bout that. But this time, you had to go and bring down this entire park. Boo-Boo! They say Yogi Berra is funny. yo mama so fat she sat on a bear and turned it into rug A sloth in a tree bears fruit. Yogi Bear: I think we can take care of that. Boo-Boo Bear: But Yogi, the Ranger’s not going to like it. He forgets, and I quote myself. Laugh until you can't bear it any longer with these jokes - and when you're done here, giggle along with the rest of the animal kingdom with our funny animal jokes . Ranger Smith: [to Rachel] Is he still filming? Fun Bear Facts: Bears have a large brain and are one of the more intelligent mammals. A voice inside my head kept saying: Take, Take. Most children know this cartoon per heart. Ranger Smith: This collection of famous Yogi Bear quotes has been created exclusively for children. Show the following funny Yogi Bear quotes and you will see your sweet child laughing a lot during the entire day. While you don’t want to make them in the middle of a downward dog, if you make the right impression they may even help you make some yoga friendships.In fact, try some of our other jokes to keep your yoga class limber and laughing — just stay away from fart jokes!

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