We have everything you need to survive the horde. The outside length will be approximately 2" longer. We want you to be ready when the end of days comes calling. We've included Qorpak Beakers, Labnet Pipettes and a Meiji Techno LED Binocular Turret Stereo Rechargeable Microscope so you can take samples and study the innermost workings of zombies. If you run out of ammo you can use this green laser sight to distract the zombies and make your escape! © 1971-2020 Atlanta Cutlery™ - All rights reserved.

There isn’t even a gun or even a bow or slingshot. It's easy to keep your Bowie 2.0 sharp as well, since SOG Specialty Knives has packaged the knife with a leather sheath; the sheath has a removable sharpening stone tucked away in its accessory pouch. This OPMOD Gun Case is lined with soft brushed Tricot, a scratch-resistant inner lining that will do no harm to the finish on your weapons, and protects its contents with over 2" of soft padding. Each item you choose NOT to buy is one less day you'll live. With a razor-sharp blade edge on one side and a piercing point on the other side, this head of this tactical tomahawk has recessed circle patterns and the M48 logo. Includes six 15" 175 grain bolts. Give the Undead Nightmares by Taking the Fight to Them! Imagine: You half-hear a low, guttural sound from outside as you lay sleeping. COVID-19 Update: We are open for business and are taking orders and shipping as normal. I’m very impressed. We may experience some shipping delays due to carrier issues and disruption of our supply chains. Cutaway Plate Carrier Armor, Blackhawk S.O.L.A.G. Wickedly fast in the right hands, this 6' rattan bo staff is perfect for training, sparring and demos. Barska NVX100 3x Digital Night Vision Monocular; FLIR Systems HM-224Pro First Mate Thermal Image Camera-240x180, FOV 24x18; SureFire Benelli M1 … Enjoy! Don't forget that at any moment a zombie can appear, so if you're sitting by a campfire enjoying a glass of water you may not have your knife or gun in hand. Gerber made this weapons heavy kit because let’s face it, you can’t just run away from zombies. Stanley First Aid treats bite wounds, scratches & more. The menacing look alone should discourage most potential attackers. There's no scent as irresistibly alluring as blood, so make sure you clean and dress wounds when they happen. Hear it!

We love good looking blades that really work and don't break the bank account. Intl. For late night viewing, the Barska NVX100 3x Digital Night Vision Monocular will let you peer into the darkness. See, Replica Martini Henry Parts & Accessories, Antique & Replica Gun Parts & Accessories, Survival Gear & Outdoor Camping Accessories, 20th Century War Weapons, Clothing & Accessories, American Civil War Weapons, Clothing & Accessories, American Frontier Weapons, Clothing & Accessories, British Empire Knives, Gun-Parts & Accessories, Conan the Barbarian Original Movie Classic, Last Chance Gun Accessories & Dummy Weapons. KA-BAR Zombie "Kharon" Folding Knife 2-5698-1 is an excellent last-ditch line of defense against roving undead hordes, but it also serves well as a general purpose outdoor/utility knife. This will give you plenty of light to see those lifeless eyes roll back once you've given your zombie attacker peace. Z.E.R.O.
Features a telescoping AR stock with buffer tube and detachable vertical fore grip. Don't think short term when prepping for the apocalypse. Undead survival and melee defense.

If you want a safe world for your children and grandchildren you must find a cure.

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