Can get ants in your car too!?… Unfortunately, Yes.

Ants have inhabited the Earth since the Cretaceous Period. These pests have not only survived the asteroid that obliterated the dinosaurs but has since spread to every corner of the world. Now they can even get in your car and crawl up your arm while driving making you freak out. It can be a very disconcerting feeling and can also be the cause of a serious accident.

How do you get ants in your cars?

Best Ant Killer - ant close upAnt infestation is possible in any space – even in your car. As they are very small, they can get into almost anywhere, and once they have made themselves at home, it can be very hard to get rid of them.

What are ants attracted to?

Ants usually take up residence in cars where food is frequently left or where crumbs are normally scattered along the floor. Ants love stale food. If there are fries on your car mat that you were eating two days ago, there is a very good chance an ant will discover this food. If you leave your windows rolled down when you park your car it is like giving them an invitation to enjoy this buffet set before them.

Similarly, if you park near anthills or areas ants like to frequent they are sure to visit you. It is best to take notice of the place before you park. Keep your car windows are rolled up and avoid parking your car near anthills. Remove old food bags from your car and throw away food trash immediately to prevent future infestations.

Treatment of Ant in Cars Naturally

There are a few ways that can help you clean your car from ants:

Vacuum your vehicle

Firstly, completely vacuum up all the crumbs and food particles that are causing ant infestation in your car. Especially vacuum in air vents, cracks of seats, underneath seats, and under floor mats. If you have spilled a sweet drink or soda recently take special care to clean that spot because sugar attracts ants instantly.

Don’t leave trash in the car

Soiled napkins, fliers, food wrappers, and scrap paper should all be removed from the vehicle and disposed of properly. Remove all trash lying on the car floor, seats, and dashboard. Make sure that there is no trash inside the cup holders, glove compartment, and trunk. If you keep a small bag in your car to use as a makeshift garbage collector in the car, empty it regularly and replace it with a new bag.

Use a handheld vacuum for better cleaning

Vacuum the interior of the car with a small, handheld vacuum or a vacuum that has an extendable head to reach all the corners of the car and get rid of dirt, crumbs, and other substances that may attract ants to your vehicle. Run the vacuum thoroughly over seats, armrests, and floor to ensure that there is no residual surface debris.Image of throw flea vacuum info

If you come across any ants while vacuuming, you can get rid of them while vacuuming them up. For a thorough clean it is better to remove all the floor mats from your car and vacuum them individually to remove the dirt and food from them completely. In cases where you do not have access to a vacuum, you can use the one at the car wash.

Use car shampoo to get rid of food odors

Cleaning your car
It can be highly helpful to shampoo the entire interior of the car at a self-service car wash. This will not only help to remove all the food particles but will also get rid of odors attracting the ants. Use interior automotive wipes and give the inside of your car a thorough cleaning. Make sure that you wipe down seat belts, glove compartment, and cup holders as well. This will help to remove any food particles left on the hard surfaces in your car and will also leave behind a fresh, nice smell.

Relocate your car

Inspect areas carefully for ant hills or colonies before parking your vehicle. Simply move your vehicle away from such parking spot to keep ants away from your car. Also if you see ant hills near your usual parking place move your car a little further to prevent ants from getting in your car.

Diatomaceous earth

Another way to ward off ants is to place a small amount of diatomaceous earth around the car doors. This is a non-toxic option where you simply let the dirt sit in the car for a day. Diatomaceous earth can disrupt non-discernable ant trails. Then, before driving, you can shop vacuum or wipe up the earth with a damp cloth.

In case of unavailability of a small vacuum use a damp cloth only because the diatomaceous earth can cause damage to the motor and filter of a regular household vacuum. This method is extremely effective as the earth can get rid of ants without causing any harm to humans.


Image of treatment
Vinegar is another natural product that is highly effective in getting rid of ants. Mix equal amounts of water and vinegar to repel ants and spray this solution around your car. The strong smell of vinegar keeps the ants away from places sprayed with vinegar.

Baking soda and powdered sugar

Baking soda is very toxic for ants. By adding powdered sugar to baking soda, ants can be lured to it. Baking soda interferes with the digestive abilities of ants. Mix baking soda, powdered sugar, and oil and place this mixture around your car to stop ants from getting in your car.

Ants in Car – Ant Bait Treatment

Best Ant Killer - Terro Liquid Ant BaitsSometimes, an ant infestation is the result of parking your car near an ant colony, and the easiest way to get rid of this problem is by moving your vehicle to a parking spot a little further away. If ants do not find any food in your car, they will move away. There might be an ant colony in your garage that may be causing this ant infestation in your car. Place ant traps near ant colonies to stop them from getting in your car. If you are using products that may be toxic for pets or humans take extra precautions making sure that these products are out of children’s or pet’s reach.

Considerations before buying an ant trap

You can easily buy ant traps from any store or online. While buying ant traps make sure:
● They are odorless so that there is no unpleasant smell in your car
● Contain poison that attracts ants
● Are small enough to fit under the car seat
● Come with complete and precise instructions
● Does not contain chemicals that are harmful to children

Use ant bait only when you are not driving the car, for example overnight. Do not spray pesticide inside the car as it may take days for the smell to leave your car. It is preferable to lay ant traps on the car floor where you usually find the ants.

Use of double-sided tape

If you still find ants in your car after thoroughly cleaning it, there are non-toxic remedies that can help you deal with the ant infestation. Line the floorboards of your car with double-sided tape. This stops the ants from entering your car. If you do not want to ruin your floor mats with a sticky substance, you can cover cardboard with double-sided tape and place it over your floor mats.

Prevention – Ants in Car

Ants in Car - snackThere are a few simple steps that can help prevent ant infestation in your car.

Do not leave food in your car

Avoid eating in the car as it attracts ant. Ask your car passengers not to eat in the car but if they do eat make sure that the food is in the wrapper while they eat. Try not to leave bits of food and crumbs on the car floor or car seats or leave food wrappers behind. Take out these wrappers as soon as you get home. If you do not keep the upholstery clean, these ants will keep coming back.
Check under the seats for any candy wrappers hiding underneath and make sure to empty the cup holder near the driver’s seat as these are the most likely places that will have trash.

Use cinnamon

A very simple and natural way to get rid of ants is by using cinnamon. Ants hate the smell of cinnamon and avoid places where there is cinnamon. Sprinkle cinnamon on ant tracks or around your car to keep the ants away from it.

Spray tires with pesticide

Ants can climb tires

Ants usually enter the car by crawling up the tires. Spray pesticide on your car tires to prevent this. You can easily find a chemical pesticide at your local hardware store which is best as you won’t smell it inside the car. Make sure that the pesticide has a sprayer or nozzle as this allows you to control where you want to spray. Make sure that you get all the ants hidden inside your car tire.

Conclusion – Ants in Car

Maintaining a beautiful exterior and a smooth-running engine is not enough. To keep your car in top shape, it is important to keep it clean from the inside as well. Whenever you eat inside your car beware of the stains and crumbs on the car seats as they are a signal to ants. Worse things can happen when ants crawl up your arm or bite when you are driving. For your safety, it is better to deal with this problem immediately to avoid any potential damages.