Looking for the best roach killer products?

If you have spotted a cockroach in your house, it’s time to learn how to get rid of roaches fast. With over 3,500 different types of roaches, exterminating them can be tricky. Taking action now is critical.

The good news is that only 69 species of these insects are found in the U.S. and a much higher number of products ranging from ultrasonic sprays to sticky gel traps to kill these irritating bugs.

How to get rid of Roaches

Best Roach Killer - Individual Cockroach

Let’s admit – roaches are a tough creature. They can stand exposure to radiation and survive in extreme temperatures.

Getting rid of roaches or a palmetto bug isn’t as simple as buying the best roach killer. It’s important to use an advanced approach that takes advantages of various actions for effective cockroach control.

Use a comprehensive approach – Do everything that helps!

A practical approach would traditionally layout numerous steps you need to take to fight cockroaches. Typically, you will clean your house, use cockroach baits, and use the best roach killer depending on the type and size of insects.

Using the best roach killer would help to exterminate them. But they will come back unless you know their behavior and deprive them of what they like in your house. Below, we’ve included some handy tips that you should read before you explore different roach killers.

Simple Roach Preventions

  •  Fix water leaks and get rid of damp places in your house.
  • Clean your home, especially kitchen, regularly.
  • Don’t leave the trash in the bin overnight.
  •  Use the best roach killer.

Best Roach Killer Products – Top 5

Product Model
Roach Control TypeRating
Advion Gel Bait

Gel Bait


Combat Roach Bait



Raid Spray Can

Spray Can


WILDJUE Ultrasonic Pest Repeller



Haris Boric Acid Powder



Using the best roach killer alongside these steps will eliminate all cockroaches in your home.

Here are your options when it comes to killing these roaches.

Best Roach Killer - Combat Roach Killing Bait Dimensions


Roach baits are the most common solution to kill roaches. You can make the bait at home, using common ingredients found in your kitchen, or buy roach killing gel.

Poisonous roach baits are simple yet effective when it comes to cockroach control. Cockroaches that come in contact with the poisonous bait die from eating it. Since roaches eat their dead, a single roach eating the bait could contaminate the entire roach population in a colony.

Poison-free traps (hunger traps)

Roach traps a great way to eliminate roaches without having to see dead insects all over your kitchen floor in the morning.

Instead of using poison, as with baits and other conventional roach traps, these traps kill roaches by putting them in jail. They don’t have access to food inside such a trap, and there is no way to get out of there. They die of hunger after a few days.

Chemical solutions

Roach killers that make use of chemicals are one of the best solutions to kill these roaches. Here are some common chemical solutions with proven effectiveness against roaches.

  • Poison sprays
  • Poison tablets
  • Ultrasonic repellents
  •  IGR products
  • Poison traps

Chemical solutions are effective and fast. However, they may become a health hazard in homes with children and pets. It’s important that you take precautions as recommended by the product when using a chemical roach killer.

Advion Gel Bait

Best Roach Killer - Advion Cockroach Gel Bait

First of all, the Advion Gel Bait is our favorite poison bait when it comes to killing roaches quickly.
Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait is high-performing gel bait with speedy results. It’s effective against all species of cockroaches so you can use it even when you can’t identify the roaches or multiple types of these insects are living in your home.

Advison Gel contains MetaActiveTM compound. The high-performance non-repellent active ingredients found in this gel bait can kill all types of cockroaches. It’s one of the best poison gels in the market to quickly control tough cockroach populations.

How it works

The Advion Gel Bait is effective against both small and large roaches. Locate the area where you see the roaches most often. Put small dabs of the gel in those areas.
The gel attracts roaches. Soon, the entire colony of these insects is infected with the poison. After a few hours, you will start seeing dead roaches all over the place.

Once applied, the gel should keep the roaches away for weeks. If they come back, you should have enough gel left to handle the situation before it gets worse.
You can use this roach killer in residential and industrial sites.

  • Superior combination of ingredients
  • Powered by MetaActiveTM compound
  • Kills even the most resistant types of roaches
  • Wide spectrum product
  • Could be a health hazard if placed near open food
  •  Sometimes the gel takes times to infect all roaches especially when have abundant food supply

Combat Roach Killing Bait

Best Roach Killer - Combat Bait

Combat Roach Killing Bait is a large bait station for roaches. This product is extremely effective when you want to eliminate the insects at the source. You can exterminate a large colony of roaches using Combat Roach Killing Bait.
Unlike some other poison baits in the market, Combat Killing Bait is easy to use. You don’t need to activate the bait.

How it works

To use this bait station, simply place it where you see the roaches. You don’t need to do anything after you place the bait stations as they work non-stop without your interruption.

This product is best for areas near the nest. Place the stations behind toilets or under sinks for great results.
When roaches eat this bait, they will also take some back with them to their nest. Since these insects like sharing the food, they share the bait, killing the entire nest.

This solution is effective, but it takes a long time to kill all the roaches. You can expect up to a week to see the roaches finally disappearing.

  • Kills the source and stops roaches from thriving
  • Child-resistant
  • Designed as a food source
  • Hassle-free automatic bait stations
  • It takes a week to kill the roaches
  • May not prove effective against larger cockroaches

Raid Spray Can

Best Roach Killer - Raid Roach Killer Spray
Raid Ant & Roach Killer Spray Can comes with fresh outdoor scent. It kills insects on contact, and its residual kill effect lasts for up to four weeks, making it impossible for insects to thrive.

Raid Spray doesn’t leave behind any chemical odor. It has a very pleasing outdoor fresh scent.

Raid Spray Can deliver excellent results when used as a part of an advanced approach to killing roaches. Use it with other Raid Defense System products to get amazing results.

This spray from Raid kills roaches, ants, beetles, silverfish, spiders, and crickets. It’s the best roach killer when you combine it with other actions for cockroach prevention, the multi-purpose action of this spray makes it also an effective bed bug spray.

How it works

This spray contains Imiprothrin ad Cypermethrin. This combination can kill all types of roaches.

Raid Spray Can is for indoor use only. Before you use the spray, you should shake the can and hold the container upright. Then push on the spray gun while pointing it towards the insects. Don’t get too close. Keep at least 12 inches between you and the surface where you are spraying this chemical.

Before you spray this roach killer, follow these instructions.

  1. Move everyone away from the area of treatment.
  2. Wash your hands immediately after using the spray.
  3. Avoid skin contact with the chemical.
  4. Don’t apply on electric equipment as it could cause the short circuit.
  5. Call a poison control center if swallowed.

You should spray for as long as it takes to make the surface wet.

Move away from the target area after spraying. Stay away until the spray has dried to avoid inhaling the chemical fumes.

  • Kills on contact
  • Residual effect keeps insects away for weeks
  • Kills roaches, ants, beetles, and many other household bugs and insects
  • Extremely effective against roaches
  • Dries up quickly, making the residual effect much less effective compared to sprays that take longer to dry.
  • You can’t spray it near open food.
  • Could be a health hazard if precautions not followed.

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Best Roach Killer - Ultrasonic Pest Killer

WILDJUE Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is an electronic plug-in pest repeller that works against roaches, mice, mosquitos, and many other insects. It can also be used as a mosquito repellent. It’s non-toxic and environment-friendly, so you can use it without risking the health of everyone in the surroundings.

This Ultrasonic Pest Reller eliminates pests and protects your home from annoying insects. It doesn’t use any dangerous chemicals, so it’s safe for people, plants, and animals. It’s noiseless and easy to use.

How it works

Like all other ultrasonic pest repellers, this one is also simple to use. You will plug it into an electric outlet and leave the rest to it. It will release low-frequency sound waves that draw roaches and other insects out of their hideout.

This unit doesn’t kill insects. It only makes it difficult for them to live in the area. They run away, never to come back, as long as the ‘blue’ LED indicator light on the repellent is turned on.

You should use one unit for an area up to 120 square meters for effective cockroach control.

This product is safe. The sound waves it emits are not audible to human/animals. You don’t hear any noise while the unit is operating.

  • Ultrasonic technology means you don’t have to use harmful chemicals to kill roaches
  • Instead of killing the pests, you make them run away e.g Rats.
  • Easy to use
  • Works in a room up to 120 square meters
  • Lifetime warranty
  • It doesn’t kill insects
  • Doesn’t always work

Harris Boric Acid

Best Roach Killer - Boric Acid Roach Powder

Harris Boric Acid Roach Powder comes is a great solution to kill roaches and other insects. It’s long lasting and continues to kill roaches for days after applying it on the target surface.

This product is effective against palmetto bugs, different types of roaches, water bugs, silverfish, and other insects. It produces exceptional results when used alongside other pest control actions.

How it works

This product is easy to use. Apply it on the surface where you see roaches or other insects. The boric acid powder will immediately kill the insects that come in contact with it.

Harris Boric Acid has contains lure. It’s irresistible for insects. When they eat the boric acid, they die within 24-48 hours. The powder has the residual effect that usually lasts for days.

To apply this powder roach killer, use the powder even in areas which are impossible to access otherwise.

This product is EPA registered, so it’s safe to use in the home.

  • Long lasting and effective against all types of roaches.
  • Contains lure, which is irresistible for insects.
  • Easy to apply using the extended straw in otherwise unreachable areas.
  • Kills insects within 72 hours of the first contact
  • It might take too long to work on bigger German roaches
  •  Not to be used near food items.

Household remedies – Do they work?

Best Roach Killer - Cucumber Sliced

Somehow, there are folk tales of different household remedies on how to get rid of roaches. As absurd as this sounds, there is no scientific data neither any study that shows that any of these methods are effective at killing roaches. Non-chemical household remedies at best repel roaches but they do not kill roaches.

Below are examples:

Diatomaceous earth powder

Use of diatomaceous earth powder to kill roaches. Sprinkle this best roach killer in hidden areas and damp areas to fight insects naturally.

Verdict: At best it repels roaches.

Catnip Spray

Use of catnip as roach repellent. A non-toxic irritant to insects. To make the spray, simmer catnip in water and spray it on the affected surface.

Verdict: Minimal effect, at best it repels roaches.

Garlic & Cucumber Slices

Garlic and cucumber slices can help you repel roaches. If you have access to bay leaves, use them with cucumber and garlic to get better results.

Verdict: Does not work.

Mint Oil

Spray mint oil directly on the surface where you see insects.

Verdict: Does not kill roaches.

Sticky Wall Trap

Set petroleum jelly traps by placing food inside a jar e.g an Onion. Coat the top and inside walls of the jar with petroleum jelly. The roaches will come into the jar for food, but they will never be able to climb out of the jar due to sticky walls.

Verdict: Does attract roaches – not ideal for a full roach infestation.

Best Roach Killer – Conclusion 

As a result, When it comes to the best roach killer, nothing beats child-safe poison baits. They are harmless to humans and kill the entire colony of roaches. They will never come back. If you have just a few roaches in your home, the Advion Roach Gel Bait could prove to be the best solution.