Could the best bed bug encasement prevent bed bug bites?

Great, You’ve learned that you’ve got bed bugs. They can be defeated. It’s time to declare war on these little blood-sucking creepy critters.

These pesky little pests have become such a nuisance that over 22,000 complaints were made to New York City’s hotline about infestations this year alone.

That’s scary!

If your home is infested with these trouble-makers, don’t panic. You can fight them back and get your bite-free night sleep back.

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed Bug Bite

These small and flat insects have oval-shaped bodies. They are reddish-brown in color and have elongated bodies that can grow up to 7 millimeters. They are active at night but can also bite during the daytime.

Bed bugs don’t have wings, so they have to rely on humans for movement from one place to another. Although they bite and leave a red mark that often causes inflammation, they don’t transmit any disease to humans.
Why bed bugs bite?

Bed bugs feed on blood. It’s their only source of nutrition.
Bed bugs, like all other bugs, go through different stages of growth. These pests will feed at least once during each stage to reach adulthood. Adult females will bite more often and suck your blood as they need nutrition to produce eggs.
So, they bite you simply because that’s how they feed. Through their bite, they gain access to small capillaries that run through your skin and carry blood.

What are bed bug encasements?

Image of The Original Sleep Defense System Waterproof Mattress

A bed bug encasement will envelop and seal your mattress and box springs. Consequently, bed bugs will be trapped inside and eventually die due to starvation.
Once you have covered a mattress with an encasement, bugs won’t be able to get in or get out. They can’t hide in the box spring or mattress anymore.
You can use bed encasements to protect new or used mattress. When you bring in new mattresses and springs boxes to replace infested beds, it’s important to encase to avoid getting bugs again.
With these encasements, you don’t have to worry about countless time-consuming inspections. Simply cover your mattress with a bed bug encasement and forget about bugs biting you ever again.

Do mattress covers really work?

Although you will find many bed bug encasements these days, not all of them can trap these pesky little insects.
For the best bed bug encasement, you will have to look for a mattress cover comes with special zippers and seams. Fortunately, there have several brands to choose from these days.

Top Picks Comparison

Choose the right size encasement for your bed. These covers are effective only when they fit properly. 

Product model
SafeRest Zippered Mattress Encasement

Noiseless, Waterproof, Zippered4.7
LINENSPA Zippered Encasement

Waterproof, Zippered4.3
The Original Sleep Defense System

Waterproof, Zippered
Full-Size SureGuard Box Spring Encase

Waterproof, Zippered4.6
Utopia Bedding Waterproof Zippered Mattress

Noiseless, Waterproof, Zippered

Types of Mattress Covers / Bed Bug Encasements

Cover TypesBed Bug Mattress Cover Materials TypesNoise Vs Noiseless
Here are different types of encasements that you can choose from these days.
Zipper mattress encasements
A zipper encasement covers the entire mattress. It’s secure as it seals the bugs inside. These encasements often come with a protective sheet that allows protection against bugs even when the zipper is open.
Fitted sheet style protection
A fitted sheet is placed over a mattress in a way that it covers the mattress corners as well. Since these encasements don’t cover the bottom of the mattress, they prove lesser effective than a zippered encasement.

Bedbugs mattress covers come in a variety of fabrics. You can choose pure cotton if you have allergy problems or you can opt for water-proof encasements if you have kids who often spill liquids on the bed.

  • Cotton mattress pads
  •  Polyester mattress pads
  • Plush Velour mattress pads
  • Tencel Lyocell mattress pads
  •  Bamboo mattress pads
  • Cooling mattress covers
  • Waterproof mattress covers (available materials are polyurethane, plastic, vinyl)
Some top bed bug encasements make noise, especially waterproof covers when you move around. These encasements can interrupt with your sleep experience.

#1. SafeRest Premium Zippered Mattress Encasement Review – Best Budget Product

Image of SafeRest Premium Zippered Mattress EncasementSafeRest Premium Zippered Mattress Encasement is a lab tested bed bug proof encasement.
This mattress cover is waterproof and still breathable. It’s noiseless and has a vinyl-free cotton fabric. It not only keeps the bed bugs away but also provides relief against dust mite.

This lab-tested mattress cover has a hypoallergenic membrane that allows for people with allergy problems to finally sleep peacefully. If you have asthma, then look no further than SafeRest Premium Zipper Mattress Encasement.
This bed bug mattress cover has an exclusive micro-zipper technology. You can encase bugs of every size inside the mattress. Even when these pests are small during their early stages, they don’t creep out once trapped inside. Even if you accidentally leave the zipper open, a Velcro flap protects the seal.

Easy cleaningLab tested and certifiedWhat’s wrong with this product?
You can machine wash this mattress cover with your other sheets. You don’t need to use any special detergent. Just use any standard detergent that doesn’t contain a bleaching agent.
SafeRest Premium Mattress Cover is our favorite bed bug encasement because it has lab results to back its claims.
It’s certified to encase bugs effectively. It provides protection against allergy. This mattress cover from SafeRest is entry proof, escape-proof, and bite proof.
This mattress encasement is perfect for everyone with bed bug infestation. However, if you have a major infestation, you might not be able to avoid bites at night even when you have trapped the bugs inside the mattress using this encasement.
The reason is simple. Bugs will find some other place in your room to hide. They will come out at night and enjoy feasting on your blood.
In such cases, you might want to apply other bug elimination and extermination methods after sealing off your mattresses and spring boxes with these encasements.

– Bite-proof, entry proof, and escape proof
– Fit on Queen Size mattresses
– Breathable premium quality terry cotton surface
– 6-sided zipper with micro-zipper technology for added protection

– 10-year replacement warranty


– Elastics stretch may become loose overtime

#2. LINENSPA Zippered Encasement – Waterproof, Breathable

Image of LINENSPA Zippered Encasement Waterproof
LINENSPA Zippered Encasement is a waterproof mattress cover that effectively controls bed bugs bites by tracking bugs inside. The bugs trapped inside die when they can’t get out for food.
This breathable mattress cover is tested for trapping bugs inside. It’s made from high-quality polyester that provides a quiet sleeping experience. Its waterproof outer membrane creates a barrier that stops pests from getting outside the encasement.

The fabric is soft and breathable. It means you won’t hear many clinking sounds when moving on the bed. It feels cooler and provides extra comfort.
LINENSPA bed bug mattress is machine washable. It means you can wash it just like other bed sheets. The encasement comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

Since this mattress cover is vinyl-free and has a waterproof top layer, you can trust it with the kids. They won’t get any skin allergies and the mattress would stay dry all night. Obviously, you won’t see any bug bites on their skin when they wake up in the morning.

When not to buy this encasement?

LINENSPA is a good product but it has a few complaints.

  1.  If you are buying a bed bug encasement for kids, consider buying SafeRest Premium Mattress encasement instead. This cover isn’t 100% waterproof and may disappoint you.
  2. It’s comfortable but not as great as some other products. It’s slightly breathable, which means you will still feel as if you are lying on a thin plastic layer. For some, it could be a huge disappointment.
  3. This polyester cover isn’t ideal for those who want zero noise. Although it doesn’t produce a lot of clinking sounds, you will still feel some noise.

– Waterproof
– Breathable and noiseless
– Machine washable
– 10-year warranty


– It’s only temporarily water-resistant

#3. The Original Sleep Defense SystemMattress Encasement

Image of The Original Sleep Defense System Waterproof
The Original Sleep Defense System is a waterproof bed bug mattress cover that comes with a premium zipper. This encasement is also hypoallergenic, which means you can enjoy a peaceful night even when you have certain allergies. The cover blocks any allergens that might create a problem for you while sleeping.
The encasement from The Original Sleep Defense System can fit any mattress from 12 to 18 inches. That means you can buy it even if you are not sure about the exact dimensions of your mattress.
The polyester used in this product is 100% knit fabric, which makes it breathable. The fabric is ultra plush that you know as soon as you touch it. It means you will not only feel comfortable but the mattress will also feel cooler compared with many other similar encasements available today.

This product is easy to clean. You can tumble dry on low or no heat after machine wash. You can also wipe spots without having to uncover the mattress


The original sleep defense mattress encasement is made of high-quality polyester. It’s 100% waterproof. The cover makes a barrier on all the 6 sides of the mattress, allowing bugs to remain inside. The product effectively protects from bugs as proved by lab-tests.

 When you buy The Original Sleep Defense System, you can forget about bugs getting out and biting you at night. The encasement comes with a 6-sided zipper, which is protected via zipper lock and bug flap. Even if you forget to fully close the zipper at the edges, the bug flap won’t allow bugs to accidentally escape.

This product comes with a 5-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. So, if it doesn’t work out for you and the zipper is broken after a few uses or you face another problem, you can always claim the warranty.

With this encasement, you can easily protect your expensive mattress from bed bug infestations. Moreover, the waterproof property of the cover will shield your mattress from bed-wetting and spills.

What not to expect from this product?

If you are thinking of 100% waterproof, buy another product. This product provides excellent safety from accidental spills but it won’t be able to handle large amounts of liquid.
Moreover, if you allow the liquid to sit for long, it will eventually get through the cover and reach the mattress.
If you spill liquids on the mattress that have a strong odor, your encasement may not be able to protect your mattress. The odor will transfer to the mattress and it might disturb your sleep.


– 100% waterproof
– Made from high-quality polyester
– Premium zipper to lock bed bugs inside
– Comes with 5-year warranty


– Zipper not as robust

#4. Full-Size SureGuard Box Spring Encasement Waterproof

Image of Full Size SureGuard Box Spring EncasementSureGuard Box Spring Encasement is a full-size bed bug proof box spring encasement that will protect you from bug bites at night. It effectively traps the bugs inside the box spring. They die within a few days as they have no access to food.

SureGuard box spring encasement is noiseless and soft. Since it has a stretch-knit surface, you can expect it to feel plush when touched. It’s breathable since there is no vinyl or PVC in this product. You will never have to worry about toxic chemicals after you have covered your box spring with this encasement from SureGuard.

This encasement is 100% waterproof. It means you don’t have to worry about everyday liquids and stains. Compared with some other encasements in the market, Full-Size SureGuard encasement creates a much stronger barrier to stop water and other liquids from entering the box spring.
The special feature of the product is its super fine zipper that comes with Invisi-Zip. It’s so small that it won’t allow bugs to get out even when they are tiny in size, during the early stages of growth. The encasement also uses SureSeal technology that will provide 100% protection against bed bugs and motes.
This product is hypoallergenic. It blocks dust mites and allergens so that you can enjoy a peaceful sleep even when you live with allergies. The cover protects against mildew and bacteria, keeping you away from the source of most allergies.

This product is ideal for box springs between 8 and 11 inches in depth. You can easily machine wash the product or simply remove the stains with a wet cloth. It comes with a 10-year quality warranty.


– 100% waterproof
– Hypoallergenic product with no added chemical layer
– Noiseless encasement allows for a peaceful sleep
– 10-years quality guarantee


– Not suitable for hypo-allergenics

#5. Utopia Bedding Waterproof Zippered Mattress Encasement Cover

Image of Utopia Bedding Waterproof Zippered Mattress Encasement

Utopia Bedding Zippered Mattress Encasement is a waterproof mattress cover that protects you from bed bug bites. It’s hypoallergenic so you won’t have allergic reactions. People living with asthma can also use this encasement for a good night’s sleep.

Utopia Bedding Waterproof Zippered Mattress Encasement covers a mattress from all sides, forming an impenetrable barrier for bugs and mites.
Since the product is 100% waterproof, you don’t need to worry about water and other liquids entering the mattress.

You can machine wash this product. Just make sure to wash it on gentle cycle as you don’t want to break the zipper. You can tumble dry the encasement.

The product is made from polyester. It’s stretch-knitted, which means it will fit perfectly on your mattress. When you sleep on the mattress protected with Utopia Bedding, you won’t hear any noise. The fabric is comfortable and doesn’t lock heat.
 This encasement fits twin size mattress with 38 x 75 inches dimensions. The product comes with Velcro zip guard that provides excellent security against mites and bed bugs.Once trapped inside, they can never get out. Bugs that are hiding elsewhere in your home won’t be able to get inside the mattress either. As a result, you can finally enjoy peaceful sleep even when your mattress is infested with mites and bed bugs.

Who shouldn’t buy this product?

If you live in a hot and humid climate, you might want to consider another encasement. This fabric is soft and somewhat breathable but it still manages to lock heat inside. As a result, you may feel extremely hot on the surface.

The only solution to keep things cool and comfortable is to put another sheet layer on top of this encasement. For a lot of people, it’s not a practical solution.


– Waterproof product
– Made from polyester
– Free from vinyl and PVC
– Fits twin size mattress


– You can’t dry clean this product
– It’s not bleach-friendly

How to Install a Bed Bug Encasement

To install an encasement, it’s important that you identify the location of bed bug outbreak after inspecting the area. Remove any furniture from the area. Finally, install an interception device to view the number of bed bugs in the area.

To install the bed bug mattress encasement, follow the steps below.

How to Install Bed Bug Cover Mattress
  1. Prior to opening the package, be sure to check whether the encasement mentions bed bugs specifically
  2. Be sure to buy encasement that fits your mattress properly
  3. Before you encase the mattress, wash the cover to remove any smells
  4. Take help from someone as installing the encasement alone could prove tiresome and time-consuming
  5. To install the encasement, remove the mattress and box springs from the bed frame
  6. Work on the encasement by leaning the mattress against a wall
  7. Once covered, close the zipper on all sides

That’s it. You should be able to seal the bugs inside with any high-quality encasement using these simple steps.

Best Bed Bug Encasement – Buyers Guide

Don’t forget to consider these important factors when buying an encasement to lock the bugs inside.

QualityPriceSleep quality experience

Quality is the most important factor when looking for the best bed bug encasement. You should consider the material used. Encasements made of cotton are cool and provide comfort due to being breathable.

On the other hand, encasements made of plastic trap the hot air inside. You sleep uncomfortably, especially during the summer. Plastic encasements make a lot of noise and keep you awake at night.
The most common fabric for encasements is polyester. It’s breathable and provides comfort. Moreover, polyester lasts longer compared with cotton and it’s easy to wipe clean it.

Image of The Original Sleep Defense System Waterproof Bed

Other factors that define the quality of an encasement are:
– Is the fabric waterproof?
– How dense is the fabric?
– Is it chemically treated?
– Is it zippered on all the sides?

Waterproof covers are better as an option for those with seniors or kids at home. They keep the water and other liquids from reaching the mattress.
Sometimes, encasements are chemically treated for kills bugs on contact. Avoid such products as they might induce an allergic reaction in humans.
The last important factor is to buy covers that come with all 6-side zippers. Without a zipper, you won’t be able to seal the small bugs inside. They will eventually find their way through Velcro.

How much are you willing to spend? The more you spend on an encasement, the better sleep you could enjoy.
If you buy an expensive encasement, you will get improved quality. The material will be soft and breathable. The encasement won’t get hot and you will never hear a noise.

Some encasements produce noise when you move on the bed during sleep. It’s due to the low-quality fabric.
To avoid buying noisy encasements, never buy a cover made from plastic. Since plastic is non-stretchable fabric, it won’t adjust with your body weight. As a result, it will not only feel uncomfortable but it will also produce a lot of noise.
Stretchable polyester or cotton mattress covers won’t produce any noise. They will adjust your body weight, allowing you to move freely on the bed.

Future Prevention of Bed Bugs

How to get rid of bed bugs infographic list

After installing an encasement, you have saved yourself from bed bug bites at night. However, a mattress cover doesn’t guarantee that infestations in other areas such as furniture won’t prosper.
Bugs can also hide in furniture near your bed and come out at night to suck your blood.
To avoid this from happening, be sure to follow these prevention tips:

  1. Avoid buying second-hand furniture and mattresses
  2. Explore other alternatives to get rid of bed bugs in a mattress
  3. If you buy used bed or mattress, be sure to inspect it for bug infestation before bringing it home
  4. Encase newly bought mattresses and box springs before bugs can enter them
  5. Keep your house organized and remove clutter so that bugs find lesser hiding places
  6. Vacuum carpet and mattresses regularly
  7. Add a few drops of essential oils in water when washing encasements to keep the bugs away
  8. Be careful when using shared laundry
  9. Always research hotels/lodges reviews before traveling

A good rule of thumb is to use bed bug elimination techniques in conjunction with each other. e.g. bed bug sprays and mattress covers. If nothing helps and bug bites continue at night, call an exterminator.